“Our objective is not only to ensure that ESG is embedded into our business, but also to motivate our employees towards sustainability and incentivize them to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations.”

Taleh Musayev,
Chief Operating Officer

Working Responsibly

We are committed to integrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) to the core of our operations by doing this. By doing this we aim to create long term value for our stakeholders, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

ESG Initiatives

Our Approach

We aspire to contribute to energy transition by trading less carbon intensive energy products and understanding our negative impact on the environment. We are committed to operating in accordance with ethical standards throughout our value chain. Development Strategy We are committed to developing and following company’s strategy to stay competitive in the current energy trading environment. We are committed to enhancing our governance capacity to identify and manage our impact on the economy, environment and people. Governing with purpose Enabling Energy Transition Trading Responsibly Material topics

ESG Objectives

About us
Understanding our operations
  • Assess our ESG-related performance
  • Report on ESG related performance
  • Enhance ESG governance
About us
Reducing our impacts
  • Reduce carbon intensity of the trading portfolio
  • Reduce our administrative emissions
  • Optimize logistics to reduce carbon intensity of the chartering activity
  • Manage operational, legal and regulatory risks
  • Employee safety and wellbeing
  • Respect for Human Rights
About us
Enhancing our ESG competence
  • Generate Sustainable earnings from core business
  • Increase activity in transitional commodity trading
  • Develop zero and low carbon trading capabilities
  • Employee training and development

ESG Publications

ESG Reports

Our annual ESG Reports are available upon request.
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