“As we interact with multiple stakeholders with different products across the globe, a robust governance system works to create operational synergies while ensuring integrity, transparency and resilience”

Mariam Almaszade,
Chief Executive Officer


The governance structure of SOCAR Trading is composed of a Board of Directors (BoD), members of senior management, and the committees that work closely together to maintain a formal oversight of the company. The BoD is responsible for determining the overall strategy and maintaining communication with stakeholders. Members of the senior management team directly participate in the operational execution of daily activities and escalate crucial issues to the Board level when necessary. All policies and processes at SOCAR Trading are approved by the CEO and uploaded into the internal system, which is accessible by all our employees.

Our Organization Pillars:

Deal Committee Credit Risk Committee Sustainability Committee Investment Committee Senior Management Trading Operations Shipping Middle and Back Office Market Risk IT Credit Risk Accounting Treasury and Trade Finance Сompliance/Legal Internal Control HR Board of Directors

Compliance Policies