“To ensure rigorous execution of risk management processes, SOCAR Trading has invested materially in its people, ensuring it has the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles.”

Samuel Lighting,
Chief Risk Officer

Risk and Compliance

Our approach to engaging in everyday activities is inseparable from our ethical standards and overarching responsibility in front of the economy, society and environment. Our adherence to these principles rests on our core values that are guiding us to create and maintain a culture of doing business the right way. To mainstream the values and principles of responsible business management into our day-to-day operations, a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics was developed to guide us through the complicated landscape of rights and wrongs. We have familiarized ourselves with the Code, adhere to its principles at all times and attend regular refresh training courses.

Risk Management

Company level Risks Management of Risks, Corrective and Preventive actions Risk Assessment of non-routine deals or new business by all relevant functions Independent Pre- and Post-deal daily risk assessment and management of routine activity Timely monitoring, reporting and resolution Policies, Procedures & Business Processes Internal control oversight

Risk Management

Strong risk management is at the heart of what we do. The risk management framework encompasses all trading activity across the lifecycle of a transaction. It is underpinned by our policy and procedures, from deal entry to settlement and pre and post deal risk management, analysis and reporting.

Compliance at SOCAR Trading

Best Practice

We approach compliance in a similar way to the regulated sector, e.g. applying enhanced due diligence on potential business partners in high risk jurisdictions or where Politically Exposed Persons are involved.


SOCAR Trading Compliance teams undertake daily surveillance of the Company’s trading systems and communication channels.


We have invested in a number of technology solutions to enhance our screening, detection, and reporting capability.

Richard Baron,
Group Head of Compliance

“Our diverse, global – reaching team includes both legally and non legally qualified Compliance Officers with experience gained in banks, trading houses and regulated financial services institutions”

Sanctions and Trade Controls Standards of Market Conduct Monitoring Regulatory Change Prevention of Money Laundering and Corruption Regulatory Compliance

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